He’s Filming Behind His Ski Boat. When THIS Pops Out Of The Water Everyone Starts Screaming

Imagine taking your boat out one sunny afternoon and then suddenly being chased by 3 killer whales!

This is what happened when a group of people took their speed boat out on the ocean and experienced something that they will no doubt be sharing with friends and family for years to come. Killer whales are amazing creatures. And they are huge! You realize the enormous presence that these animals have once you get up and close to them. Most people have to go to Sea World to experience that type of close and personal encounter. But if you catch these guys when they are in the mood for a little game of chase, and you are in your boat, then you will have a very unique up close and personal experience that very few people ever have.

These whales are swimming right along with the speedboat and they actually get extremely close to the rear of the boat! Any closer and they would have hopped right inside the thing! These people are clearly blown away with excitement, and no doubt a bit of fear when the leader of the pack surfaces so darn close. Check out the end where they show the footage in slow motion and you really get a good look at the beauty these guys possess. Very cool!

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