Hero Motorcyclist In Russia Speeds Around Throwing Trash At People Who Litter (Video)

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The concept of not dumping your trash onto the ground isn’t exactly modern. If the first website I checked after searching for “the history of trash” is correct, humans have been consciously collecting garbage off the streets for thousands of years.

You’d think that after a while, we’d evolve to a point where littering becomes a foreign concept, but the sad truth is that actively seeking out a trash can or recycling bin is so much harder than discarding your garbage wherever you want.

A lot of drivers seem to think roads and highways are their own personal landfills and, for the most part, people are able to throw stuff out their windows without suffering any consequences.

Thankfully, there is one motorcycle vigilante in Russia doing what she can to combat this problem, and her solution involves throwing trash at people.

Some of these encounters seem a little too convenient — even by Russian dashcam standards — but I’m going to tell myself there really is someone riding around Russia chucking cigarette butts at the inconsiderate. This is the superhero Batman wishes he could be.

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