Here’s What It Takes To Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Dinner (Video)

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Ah, Thanksgiving.

A day to eat turkey drenched in gravy and two heaping scoops of stuffing.

Then, an hour later, a plate of sweet potato casserole — those marshmallows, right?! — before moving on to the mashed potatoes because somehow you missed them during the actual meal.

Soon enough you’re a little bored, so you drink an entire bottle of wine with your second cousins. Your family is awesome.

Then midnight rolls around, and you have a serious case of the drunchies from all that wine, so you eat four slices of pecan pie.

You go to bed feeling pretty disgusting, vaguely wondering how many calories you just ate and how much you’ll have to exercise to work it off.

We truly hope you can handle the terrifying truth of just how much it will take to burn off your Thanksgiving dinner, we really do.

Spoiler alert: Black Friday shopping won’t do the trick.

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