Guy Gets Stuck In Elevator With Insane Man And Records His Experience (Video)

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If I had to pick the last place I’d want to be confined with a crazy person, I’d probably say a tiny cell filled with hidden shanks at a maximum-security prison, but an elevator is definitely a top contender for second place.

This is especially true if the elevator has stopped working, as this makes it very difficult to get off on a random floor and wait for one that doesn’t contain people yelling things at total strangers.

One man found this out the hard way, when he was stuck in the elevator with someone who was told to “keep calm” and decided to do the exact opposite — and by that I mean he broke off a handrail to pry the door open while repeatedly pressing the buzzer in the hope that it might magically change something.

Sadly, it did not. If you can’t get enough of this fedora-clad man yelling things, there are multiple videos documenting this experience. It’s really quite the saga.

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