Guy Finds $27,000 Trading Card And Can Barely Contain His Excitement (Video)

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I’m willing to assume more people associate Magic the Gathering with the kids who hid during gym class instead of with opulence and luxury, but while you’ve been laughing at the supposed nerds, they’ve been getting rich.

It turns out there is a surprisingly lucrative market for certain Magic cards, especially those from the first packs ever printed. One collector opened up one of those packs on camera, showing off the more common cards until reaching the bottom of the deck (where the rarer cards are known to be).

The man was jokingly optimistic that one of the cards might be a lotus, which refers to Alpha Black Lotus, a highly sought-after item that sold for $27,000 when one was put up for auction last year.

You can see the collector shaking as he tries to avoid swearing in excitement on camera. He deserves credit for being more composed than most people would when they realize they’re holding the equivalent of a base-model Acura in their hands.

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