Guy Creates Masks Of His Face For Everyone To Wear To Hide From ‘Big Brother’ (Video)

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You know the whole “1984” Big Brother is watching thing?

It was once sort of a scare-tactic, horror-movie idea of what the future would be like, and now, with facial recognition software, it’s kind of a reality.

To dupe facial recognition software (which is actually used a lot more than you’d think), Chicago resident Leo Selvaggio developed a mask based on his own facial structure.

He calls it the URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic and he’s started an IndieGoGo campaign to fund it.

You know the f*cking creepy thing Tom Cruise donned in “Vanilla Sky”? It’s like that, but it’s in real-life. So, welcome to the future.

The unbelievably terrifying prosthetic facial mask was created using 3D-printing technology and costs $200.

It actually looks remarkably like a human face, at least from a distance. If everyone wore one, surveillance wouldn’t be able to pinpoint our identities based on our facial structure alone. We’d all look the same.

Because, apparently, by 2016, there’s supposed to be a camera connected to facial recognition and records systems on almost every block in Chicago. Cool.

Of course, since not everyone looks like Selvaggio, the next step in his plan is to ask others to “donate” their faces to the cause, so he can create masks with different skin tones and facial structures, leading to a more varied range of prosthetics available.

The obvious downside of the technology would be that criminals could potentially have a much easier time getting away with crimes. Oh yeah, and that it’s f*cking TERRIFYING.

Nope. No, thank you. No.

H/T: Dangerous Minds

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