Giant Seal Gets Caught On Camera Having Sex With A Penguin (Video)

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Humans might have established sets of laws that, for the most part, stop people from doing whatever they want, but for species that haven’t figured out a way to set up governments and legislatures, the only things that really matter are the laws of nature.

Unfortunately for the weak and disadvantaged, these laws aren’t really laws at all, and behavior in the natural world is essentially guided by the mantra, “do whatever you can get away with.”

It would appear this seal in Antarctica can get away with a lot.

According to Mirror, scientists first spotted a fur seal trying to have sex with a king penguin back in 2006, and researchers in the area have been keeping an eye on this kind of activity ever since.

At least one of these encounters was captured on video, and it’s about as bizarre as you’d expect.

I’d like to say the penguin was able to escape unharmed, but considering fur seals are the birds’ natural predators, I don’t actually know for sure.

If you really need some reassurance, I’d strongly suggest lying to yourself to make everything better.

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