Genius: Engineer Invents Machine To Swipe Right On Tinder For Him (Video)

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There are a variety of strategies employed by people on Tinder to maximize their chances of success, which range from picking a picture that makes you better looking than you really are or putting a blatant but interesting lie in your bio and hoping people fall for it.

However, if your goal is to simply get as many matches as possible, there’s only one tactic you need to employ: swiping right every time.

You might not actually message all of the people you end up matching, but at least you’ll have the option. It’s a numbers game.

You can sit at your phone for hours on end continually approving the candidates who pop up on your screen, but most people would probably want to avoid that if possible.

Back in September, one man decided to build a machine that automates right-swiping, but it turns out he’s not the only one to get this desperate.

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