Gay Couples Watch And React To Extreme Anti-Gay Marriage Ads (Video)

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As same-sex couples are obtaining more and more rights across the nation, gay couples address and react to anti-gay marriage advertisements in a video recently uploaded to YouTube.

Michael Rizzi, a 20-year-old gay man from Canada, put together a compilation video of gay couples watching and reacting to ridiculous anti-gay marriage ads, and the resulting message is extremely moving.

At the beginning of the video, many couples admit they can’t remember seeing any anti-gay advertisements and if they did, they paid no mind.

Then, the couples were shown actual anti-gay ads, which appear to be absurd and demeaning. The ads show odd blue and pink animations, and dramatizations featuring thunderstorms and children without parents playing in the park.

After watching the ads, the couples were asked to react and discuss their thoughts.

The couples were initially annoyed and disgusted by the ads, but then dove into deeper issues of ways everyone can coexist peacefully.

In response to one clip showing women hugging a hurt child, one participant says:

Obviously, you’re only able to be nurturing if you have a vagina.

While another sums up the ads perfectly by saying:

I think these ads are so damaging, they are teaching people to see others as different and not treat them with respect. They are going about it the entirely wrong way.

Watch the gay couples react and discuss anti-gay advertisements and the effect they have on the gay community in the video below.

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