Gabriel Gomez: Ed Markey Is “Dirty And Low…Pond Scum”

The Republican nominee for Senate in Massachusetts called his opponent, longterm Congressman Ed Markey, “dirty and low” and “pond scum” during an interview today. Gomez was speaking with a reporter while at the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce.

“You know I’ve got four young kids, and they gotta sit there and gotta see an ad with their dad — who served honorably, talk to anybody I served with — whether as a pilot or as a SEAL, anybody I worked with,” Gomez said. “And for him to be as dirty and low, pond scum, like to put me up next to Bin Laden, he’s just gotta be called what he is. That simple.”

Gomez was being asked by a reporter about his new ad “Something New” which alleges Ed Markey compared Gomez to terrorist Osama Bin Laden and blamed him for the Newtown shooting. Gomez’s ad has been criticized by fact checkers from the Boston Globe and

The Gomez campaign did not comment for this story.

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