Former MMA fighter threatens to kill UFC prez Dana White!/Screen1ne/status/203863640141602817

So this guy, Dan Quinn, is clearly a nut job.

From TMZ:

UFC Prez Dana White is on the receiving end of some terrifying death threats from an ex-MMA fighter who says he plans to “shoot [Dana] right in the head” — and now cops are on the case.

It’s unclear what started the beef, but the wannabe fighter — Dan Quinn — has gone off the hinges, leaving voicemail messages threatening to blow up Dana’s offices and put a bullet in the back of his head.

Quinn’s fighting career spanned nine years from 2001-2010. He never fought in the UFC, but did face off against a couple of future UFC fighters, including 2004 heavyweight champ Frank Mir (Quinn got beat).

Quinn has made rambling threats against White for several years on YouTube, but they escalated recently after Quinn somehow got Dana’s private work number and left chilling messages.

Oh great MMA is in the news again. #Dummy RT @TMZ: Dana White — Former MMA Fighter Threatens to Kill UFC President

— Rachel (@mmahotstuff) May 19, 2012

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