Former Insta Model Makes New Site, Deletes Fake Social Media Accounts (Video)

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Disgruntled Instagram model and accidental modelingactivistEssena ONeill is officially off Instagram and YouTube.

Whether it was her intention or not, the Australian model made Internet waves after she deleted 2,000 of her Instagram posts, edited the captions of numerous photographs she left up to include how many hours it took her to get ready for seemingly candid shots and let her users know much she was paid to wear certain clothes in several pictures.

This was all done in an attempt to expose the hollow and fabricated side of Instagram modeling and, like, maybe also, bring attention — and funding — to her new site Lets Be Game Changers.

It seems, however, Essena is now suffering from a severe case of the EFF, WHAT DID I DO?!?! because shes deleted most of her social media accounts, leaving up only her website and a series of vlogs shaming society for making this medium of modeling possible and the media for slanting her intentions.

Her Tumblris also now just a link to her new website.

During her most recent video, Essena talked about how she was “over” the media attention. She went on to say,

There are so many more topics that are worth headlines than that. This is my kind of point. I changed something about myself and my life that I didnt agree with.

The videos description points out how Essena feels the media — sorry? — screwed over her agenda.It reads,

’19 YEAR OLD INSTA CELEB BLAMES SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HER PROBLEMS’ That story goes global. Not ‘Teen raises questions about transparency online and deceptive product placements’. Or ‘teen raises questions about animal agriculture’ ‘teen talks about reality behind constant edited life’ ‘teen talks about culture appropriation’.
Looks like media want attention and a ‘hot story’, not real change. AM I THE ONLY ONE OVER THIS??? WHY NOT TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER??? Who cares about my personal past, miss use of words, or crying teen. LETS TALK ABOUT THE TOPICS AT HAND.

Only time will tell if Essena is perceived by the public the way she wants to be perceived in an attempt to change the world.

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