For all your emergency beer needs

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  1. Dan Upshaw says:

    Redbrick is literally a block from my church on the same street. It’s a great company, and it’s damn fine beer.The deal with them not pouring full pints has to do with some goofy Georgia laws. (You may know that Georgia, unfortunately, is one of only three states that still have state-wide Sunday Blue Laws on the books. Thankfully that doesn’t extend to restaurants, but still…) In GA, a microbrewer can host regular “brewery tours” where it is allowed to pour “samples” of its beer for tour guests. The samples, I think, are technically supposed to somewhere less than 16 ounces. So several days of the week Redbrick and other Breweries in GA, such as Sweetwater, open up and offer for a small price a brewery tour and a personal glass to “taste” their beer. So if you want to take the brewery tour you can and if you want to “sample” their brews, you can do that to. Neither is required. But that’s the deal, the “samples” are just never a full pint. But for the price you get in for, and the amount of sampling you can do, it is well worth the price. And you get to take your glass home.

  2. Ben says:

    Why weren’t they pouring full pints?

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