Fake Ad Rips Internet Explorer 9 in Most Devastating Way Possible

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No, there’s nothing wrong with your YouTube connection. The video above is just critiquing Internet Explorer 9 in the most devastating way possible: By demonstrating a clunky experience with the browser.

The ad — which riffs on a real one from Microsoft — features fake reviews (“It’s kinda fast, I guess”) and other in-jokes (the person using the browser is using Bing to try to download Google Chrome.)

You may be happy with IE9 and Microsoft will tell you that it’s browser is pretty damn good. Yet the fact remains that there are a lot of IE haters out there. While the people in Redmond will doubtlessly cry “low blow!” to the video above, haters will find some new fodder.

For comparison’s sake, below is the IE9 ad that the parody is based on:

Read more: http://mashable.com/2012/10/05/rips-internet-explorer-9/

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