Every damn time


16 responses to “Every damn time”

  1. PanchoYfrijoles says:

    Ok then

  2. TheExcellus says:

    This is what is happening with the upvotes as I’m looking at them.

  3. hogwartshopeful says:

    This is how I learned the true meaning of fear at a young age

  4. RatherRelevant says:

    That is one explosion that looks absolutely delicious.

  5. fantasyprone says:

    This is sausage to me. Is it an American thing?

  6. darkphoenix168 says:

    I manage to rip the instructions. Sucks.

  7. excusemesirdoyouhavetimetotalkaboutourlordandsaviorjesuschrist says:

    I got nervous just watching this

  8. istandbymyethnicslur says:

    It’s funny because Japan got nuked.

  9. ihateprettymucheveryoneonimgur says:

    what the fuck is that?

  10. chbarts says:

    Use it.

  11. sherbetty says:

    smack it on the counter!

  12. Harpsichord says:

    It always frustrated me how they used the wrong verb here. “I am become”? Really? Get your shit together Krishna.

  13. KungPowDicken says:

    My GF hates these for this. So i walk in..like a baus and take one for the team. Needless to say im constant getting radiation poisoning.

  14. DaveTheBarbarian says:

    what did you do Ray?

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