Entire Range Of Human Emotion Encapsulated By Single Pole Vault Attempt

Over the weekend, French Olympic pole vault champion Renaud Lavillenie attempted the second-highest vault in the sport’s history, which would have been a personal best.

2. Look at him get the crowd amped for some pole vaulting!

3. Check out that focus!

4. Oh man, I’m nervous. Here he goes…

5. OH MY GOD HE DID IT!!!!!!!!

6. Viva la France!

7. Can you believe it!?

8. Wait, what’s that?

9. Why is he holding a red flag?

11. You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!

12. *Angry French words*

13. *Heartbreak sets in*

14. *Dreams shatter*

15. Okay, stop, this is getting uncomfortable.

16. All French jokes aside, that really did suck.

17. Watch the entire emotional meltdown:

H/T Jason McIntyre at The Big Lead

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mjkiebus/entire-range-of-human-emotion-encapsulated-by-single-pole-va

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