Elderly Man Befriends Hummingbird In Friendship Straight From A Fairytale (Video)

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I’ve never understood why anyone would want to keep a bird as a pet. It’s not like it’s soft and snuggly, and it doesn’t even give kisses.

Most importantly, it has wings; it’s supposed to be free. To keep one hostage in a confined space, in my mind, is cruel.

An elderly man in Brazil named João Silvestrini somehow befriended a baby hummingbird after the little creature was left at his window by its mother.

While Silvestrini enjoys the bird’s company — he even goes out of his way to feed and talk to it — he lets the animal be free, as it should be.

The result is a beautiful friendship between the two. The bird returns to visit its elderly friend daily, but isn’t bound by the four walls a pet is. And the old man has a meeting to look forward to each day.

If you ever want to keep a bird as a pet, I suggest you follow Silvestrini’s example: Some creatures just aren’t meant to be tamed.

H/T: Huffington Post

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/man-befriends-hummingbird-video/795464/

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