Dog Wearing GoPro Is Attacked By Wolves

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Moose-hunting season in Sweden comes with the inevitable dangers that such forested regions hide. In a distressing video, a dog wearing a GoPro captures the moment two wolves attack her while on a hunt with her owner.

Svensk Jakt, a Swedish hunting magazine, reported that hadKlara the dog not been wearing a steel-lined vest, she likelywould have died from her injuries. Thankfully, the Swedish elkhound was quickly taken to a nearby vet, who treated a large wound on her back, stitched 14 smaller injuries, and cleaned 15-20 smaller wounds that were left to heal on their own. According to the dogs owner, Klara was back on her feet within three days, albeit still recovering from the attack.

Swedish elkhoundswho themselves have a large, wolf-like appearancewere bred for strength and endurance to aid hunting trips. The attack occurred outside Varmland County in Sweden.

Video Credit:Svensk Jakt

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