‘Do You Want To Build A Snow D*ck?’ Is The Only ‘Frozen’ Cover You Need (Video)

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If movies were people, “Frozen” would be the guy who asked to stay on your couch for a couple of weeks before essentially moving into your apartment and telling you he’s planning to move out soon, but “just needs a couple more days” to get everything sorted out.

Despite being released more than a year ago, “Frozen” is somehow still going strong.

I thought by now people would have found a new obsession for their covers and parodies, but it turns out our supposedly shrinking attention spans are making an exception for this animated box office monster.

As you can probably guess from the past few sentences, I really wanted to hate this video, but I couldn’t.

I guess there’s something about a large bearded man in a tiny princess costume singing about penises made out of snow that really speaks to me.

It’s called “Do You Want To Build A Snow Dick?” and it’s the only “Frozen” cover allowed this winter.

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