Dino-Kitty Hatches From His Egg

Timo the Ragdoll cat from The Netherlands is something of an internet celebrity, with over six million views and counting on YouTube. The lovable feline’s silly antics and adorable looks have won a lot of hearts worldwide.

In his latest video, Timo is inside a giant egg in the living room, which he then hatches out of (but not without taking a few hilarious tumbles) while wearing a dinosaur costume. According to his owner, Timo apparently loves the spotlight and often practically begs his owner to put a costume on him. At this time, rumors that this video is an audition for the upcoming sequel to “Jurassic World” remain entirely unsubstantiated but I’ll go on record and say I’d watch it.

Read more: http://www.wimp.com/timo-the-cat-stars-in-dino-kitty/

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