Digital Blitz for ‘Jersey Shore’ Final Season Begins

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The sixth and final season of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday night, and MTV is ready to send the global pop-culture phenomenon off with a digital bang starting with a premiere party live stream of the cast.

The live stream, which begins two hours before the 10 p.m. ET season premiere and continues through the episode, is just one of many online elements MTV has planned to enhance the televised narrative.

MTV gave Mashable a first look at its digital strategy — one that will likely extend past the finale, similar to how Daria fans continued engaging with the show after the series ended.

“This is the first time in the social media age a show of this magnitude is coming to an end,” Chris Linn, executive VP of MTV programming and head of production, tells us.

Here’s how MTV plans to leverage online video, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for Jersey Shore, the network’s highest-rated series ever:

  • Twitter: Cast members will live tweet during episodes. For Thursday’s live stream, viewers can submit questions to them using hashtag #JerseyShore. MTV’s Remote Control blog will recap each episode’s Twitter activity, including trending topics.

  • Facebook: A Facebook photo contest launches Oct. 10. Fans will be asked to submit photos showcasing how Jersey Show has affected their lives, with the best submissions winning trips to meet the cast. “We want fans to go crazy,” says Linn, adding that fans can submit photos of how the show influenced their personal style and activities (i.e. fist pumping).

  • Tumblr: Anticipate seeing GIFs, photos and fan-submitted artwork pop up regularly on the Jersey Shore Tumblr page and MTV’s main Tumblr page.

  • The Jersey Shore Hook Up after show — hosted by The Challenges’s Kenny Santucci — will take questions from viewers.

  • Videos: Bonus programming that appears on TV after each episode will be put on and Facebook. The clips include never-before-seen footage, funny outtakes, the cast and crew reflecting back on the show’s most memorable moments and countdowns of the most-outrageous moments.

  • Polls: These will appear on and Facebook.

Will you be watching the final season of Jersey Shore?

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