Did Demi Lovato’s Fans Get Kathy Griffin’s Show Cancelled?

Kathy Griffin at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Kathy won’t be making a comeback, Kathy Griffin announced at a stand-up gig in Cincinnati on Friday night — and she reportedly had only heard the news from Bravo the day before.

Kathy premiered less than a year ago and survived two low-rated seasons. It averaged about 500,000 total viewers — that’s half of the ratings Griffin’s other Bravo show, My Life On The D List, got at the height of its popularity.

It may not have helped Kathy’s cause that the show and its host came under fire in July after she poked fun in passing at actress Demi Lovato’s struggles with cutting.

It may not seem like much, but the joke enraged Demi Lovato fans who made “Kathy Griffin” a trending topic on Twitter. Earlier that month, Lovato spoke candidly about seeking treatment for self-mutilation and an eating disorder in Cosmopolitan.

“My family expected me to fight them on going to treatment,” she told the magazine. “They were going to call the cops if I refused, but I went willingly.”

Lovatics don’t forget easily. They celebrated news of Kathy’s cancellation on Twitter.

But it seems like Griffin was prepared — she reportedly filmed a pilot for CNN with Anderson Cooper two days before the last episode of Kathy aired.

And filming a show with Cooper might be just the thing Griffin needs to forget about the whole incident. When she and Cooper hosted CNN’s New Years Eve broadcast together, she tried to explain how Lovato’s fans had gotten upset with her, but Cooper stopped her, saying, “I don’t know who that is.”

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