Dads, stop saying “We’re pregnant” — A rant from Mila Kunis

When Jimmy Kimmel told her “my wife and I are pregnant,” Mila Kunis took exception to his inclusion of himself…

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5 responses to “Dads, stop saying “We’re pregnant” — A rant from Mila Kunis”

  1. AngryWoman says:

    And women like that are one of the reasons I never want kids. Mila Kunis, do you have a sperm donor or a husband. “WE ARE PREGNANT” has been the accepted use for ages. You know, when a loving couple is having a kid, not an unwanted parasite as you make it out to be. If you feel like that, get an abortion, I wish you mother had.

  2. Nick says:

    But hey, now you’ve got his little love goblin unleashed on the world. Got that going for you.

  3. raven north says:

    First of all Matthew it is “my sister and me,” not I. When WE got pregnant, it took only a couple of months for him to get cold feet and run off to a remote island where he eluded child support forever, but I had a lovely son, on my own. case closed.

  4. MaryMitch says:

    Wow, your reaction is totally irrational. You say you never want kids because a pregnant woman says that the women are carrying the child, getting sick, and are living with crazy emotions. Well, duh.And just for the record, I have NEVER heard a man or woman say “We are pregnant,” probably because it’s a silly thing to say. The man is not pregnant. What I’ve heard is “We’re having a baby.”And, as for your last sentence: what an ugly, UGLY thing to say.

  5. Matthew Young says:

    Webster’s dictionary defines pregnant as“filled with meaning or emotion because of what is going to happen or be said”I don’t know about your dad, but from all accounts, this fit mine quite well leading up to the birth of my sister and I.

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