Dads And Daughters Snowboard Together, And How They Do It Will Blow Your Mind!

In the winter, thousands of people hit the slopes for some outdoor fun.

When I was young, I was an avid skier, and I would spend hours flying off jumps and racing down every black diamond I could find. I never got the opportunity to learn how to snowboard, but I always thought it looked like a blast.

This group of professional snowboarding dads wanted their daughters to get in on the fun, so they teamed up with them to take the winter sport to a whole new level!

The little girls stand in the center of the snowboards and hold on tight during their tandem adventures. Wow!

Again, the dads are professionals, and they say that anyone thinking about trying tandem snowboarding should take safety precautions and acknowledge their limitations. If you’re interested in learning to board, check your nearest ski resort for classes!

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