Cyclist Uses Common Sense To Outsmart The Cop Trying To Ticket Him (Video)

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For us Millennials, there are certain things we find really gratifying.

This list covers the vast majority of what makes us stand out from the rest of the world. One thing in particular on there — our, shall we say, distaste for traditional forms of authority — is probably one of the most obvious on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why videos like this are so satisfying.

Watch as British cyclist Silvio Diego just shuts down the cop trying to pull him over on his bike.

Diego, who has a camera attached to his head (or helmet, let’s hope) is riding in a portion of the sidewalk clearly designated for bike traffic.

The police officer doesn’t realize this, however, and tries to ticket him, which ends in the cop looking like an idiot.

It’s amazing. Big thank you to Silvio Diego, my new hero.

H/T: Metro UK

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