Cute baby video and some important internet lessons

A couple days ago, dad-blogger Fatherhood Is posted this little clip of him introducing his newborn daughter to a new sound. It’s cute and funny and short, so the internet has already rewarded it with 250,000 views.

But that comes with a downside, unfortunately, as the dad behind the video points out in his follow-up post, “Fatherhood Is Learning a Few Lessons About the Internet and Why You May Not Want Your Baby On It.”

In summary his points are…

  1. People will insult your baby.
  2. People will insult your parenting.
  3. People will insult your fashion.

But none of the stupidity and meanness he describes is going to come from readers at 22 Words. We’re just going to watch and enjoy, because a newborn baby shocked by a dad making motorboat noises is a wonderful thing.

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9 responses to “Cute baby video and some important internet lessons”

  1. maggie says:

    I thought all together it was adorable! I don’t see how anyone could think that was bad parenting, at least he is taking the time to be with his child!

  2. Matt says:

    “…because a newborn baby shocked by a dad making motorboat noises is a wonderful thing.” <- Amen!

  3. CaughtOnFireOnce says:

    haha, so funny, i cant help but to laugh

  4. Brent Hobbs says:

    His fashion deserves to be insulted :) but all that can be avoided by turning off youtube comments.

  5. sam says:

    I can hardly wait for remixes of this video.

  6. babs says:

    Fashion? Whatever. That is one cute baby!!! I thought at first it was the ninja baby; I never get tired of the ninja baby!

  7. Ryan James says:

    Hilarious video! Adorable baby! And his blog’s funny too…

  8. Mary says:


  9. Bella says:

    That was so so cute. Look at that too small baby how he is getting frightened by the horror music given by his father. CHo sweet video.

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