Cop In Mexico Busts Out Michael Jackson Moves While Directing Traffic (Video)

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This is one cop it’s impossible to be intimidated by.

Jose Ruben Echeverria, a traffic officer in Tijuana, Mexico, proves that policemen can be cool.

While on duty, the confident cop dances in the street to Michael Jackson hits, showing off his version of the King of Pop’s famous moves.

He says he dances while directing traffic to make the experience more pleasant for pedestrians and motorists.

Echeverria moonwalks through the intersections and shakes his hips for entertainment, but he never forgets to make the important hand gestures that his job calls for (although he does so wearing white gloves à la the King himself).

Apparently, he’s attracted quite a following in the city. Pedestrians even stop to take pictures with the officer while he’s on duty.

Watching Echeverria shake his groove thang to the beat would definitely improve anyone’s day. It’s probably safe to say that MJ would be proud.

H/T: Daily Mail

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