Construction Workers Use Impressive Teamwork To Get The Job Done (Video)

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Anyone who’s been woken up or driven to the brink of insanity by the beeps, shouts and occasional earth-shattering thuds generated by construction sites knows that “tranquil” and “mesmerizing” aren’t the kinds of words you’d typically use to describe the work that goes on there.

There might have been a time when construction workers happily completed their work while singing in harmony and performing tightly choreographed moves, and that time was during the opening 10 minutes of “The Lego Movie.”

I’ve found that such a thing tends to happen a lot less frequently in real life.

That doesn’t mean it never happens, and this video shows what it looks like when it does.

I should stress that there’s a chance these construction workers are actually accomplished percussionists auditioning to join the cast of a STOMP performance, but it’s still impressive even if that’s the case.

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