Community Post: Why We Want To Be Friends With Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake

1. They support each other

Like when Jimmy presented Justin with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s VMA’s. Or when JT was a guest for Jimmy’s debut episode of Late Night.

2. They can bust out the Single Ladies dance anytime, anywhere

Who could forget JT’s SNL skit as one of Beyonce’s back up dancers for the music video? And Jimmy knows how to get his dance on too

4. They have genuine, kind hearts

Like that time JT stopped his concert for a man in the crowd to propose to his girlfriend

Or when Jimmy dressed as a chicken to make young cancer patients laugh

6. They know how have a quality jam session

Look no further than History of Rap

7. They talk to each other in ways others don’t understand


8. They acknowledge their feelings for each other

Best friends forever

9. They are even close with the other’s spouse

Jessica Biel is one lucky lady

10. They go through life’s adventures together

And their all night collaboration on SNL will surely be the greatest ever

11. They are simply the best of friends

For that, we are eternally grateful

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