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1. Welcome to our online resources Pearltree

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Up above is a cool interactive way to curate your online content, or content in general. This is a Pearltree and you can give them Pearls a try up above, if you wish to enjoy a different experience entirely.

Before doing so though, do feel free to try the videos and info below to get much more familiar with it all up there. (It’s just a sample tree from their network.)

2. The social web takes off with curation

Poet Ink on Pearltrees / Via

Today on the social web there’s so much going on. This is due to all the new advanced and socially accepted tools & networking locations being delivered from various locations online. This image up above, is one from a social community on the official Pearltrees network, and is a display of such a bright new evolution taking place.

Poet Ink on Pearltrees helps poets & authors worldwide to curate their content into interesting and informative archives known as sub-trees or folders for Pearls. They have the option to share it socially onto places like Facebook, and Twitter.

3. A cool intro to Pearltrees for the community

4. The CEO and Founder of Pearltrees

In the previous video I got somewhat lost trying to remember the CEO, and this video I finally got it right. Silly memory, it gets you every time 🙂

5. Networking & collaborations (Sharing & teaming up)

This video explains the true networking potential of this cool new social curation network. They’ve been around for about 4 years now, but its all still very new to the online world and social communities as a whole.

Amazing! social curation powers are being unleashed today, and teams are forming there. Anyone can utilize such a tool to benefit from, with the organization of their content or things that interest them online.

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