Community Post: The Vines Singer Beat Up His Mom

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Here’s probably the saddest news you’ll hear today. Craig Nicholls, the frontman of the Australian garage rock band The Vines, was arrested for punching his own mother on Saturday afternoon. Police were called to the scene after Nicholls punched her twice in the head for unknown reasons, and he was arrested after a struggle with police that left one officer covered in scrapes and bruises. He has been charged with five crimes including two counts of domestic assault and resisting arrest.

Nicholls has had other troubles in the recent past. Back in 2006, he revealed that he had Aspergers syndrome, and his difficulties with that led the band to cancel shows and go on a lengthy hiatus. The Vines released their fifth album, Future Primitive, last year, but they’re still best known for their Nirvana-like single “Get Free,” which was a hit back in 2002.

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