Community Post: The Ultimate Diet Is The Tongue Patch

1. Are you eating too much lately?

2. Wanna lose some weight?

3. But are you tired of stupid diets?

4. Then this might be the solution for you!

5. Introducing the Tongue Patch (aka Miracle Patch).

6. A cosmetic surgery technique that can allegedly help you lose up to 30 pounds in one month.

Note: the person depicted above didn’t undergo this procedure.

7. How does it work?

8. The Miracle Patch is secured to the top of your tongue by 6 stitches.

9. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes…

10. And costs $2,000.

11. The patch is made of marlex: an abrasive material used to repair hernias.

12. This will make eating solid food so painful…

13. That you’ll be forced to consume liquids only.

14. Yep, that’s right, you will only be able to drink food.

15. That’s the whole point of this method!

16. Side effects include difficulties in speaking…

17. And a tendency to wake suddenly from sleep.

18. This is the mastermind behind it: Dr. Chugay.

19. He released a video explaining his procedure.

20. Dr. Chugay said that his patients only wear the patch for one month at a time…

21. Because after that period, the patch fuses to the tongue surface.

22. And that is not good.

23. The patch has yet to be approved by the FDA…

24. And there are already many critics against it.

25. Because you run the risk of getting an infection.

26. Because the patch could dislodge and go down your throat and cause an airway obstruction.

27. And because you might drool a lot.

28. So please be extremely cautious when choosing your new diet.

29. And don’t mess with your tongue…

30. You’ve only got one!

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