Community Post: Fleece Navidad

1. Oh…you don’t know any sheep? That’s awkward.

Let’s make some introductions.

2. This is Shrek.

This guy was on the lamb for 6 years, hiding in caves to avoid detection and shearing. Sheep aren’t really supposed to live in caves, but frankly, Shrek didn’t give a lamb.

3. Remember Dolly?

You ought to! Dolly was only one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of all time–she was the first mammal to be successfully cloned. No sheep trick, amiright?!

4. Lamb Chop.

Shear fun? Shear terror? We’re all still working out our feelings about Lamb Chop. But she taught us some jokes, which was cool.

5. So if the holiday craze is making you say baaaa humbug!

Don’t join the sheeple!

6. Do something different, and invite sheep to join in the holidays. Because they’re awesome.

Did you know you can include sheep in your holidays for real, and save lives at the same time?

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