Community Post: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Moose Mating

1. Male moose (known as “bulls”) spray themselves with their own urine to announce their presence

Translation: “Hey, mating season comes but once a year! Step on down”

2. Antlers on male moose act as sexual “billboards”

Translation: “I got big antlers and I cannot lie”

P.S. They fall off after mating season ends :/

3. Female moose (known as “cows”) employ a strategic urine plop in water to get attention

Translation: “My urine brings all the boys to the yard”

4. A sumo-style pushing contest ensues over the female moose

Translation: “Watch me put these antlers to work, baby”

5. But sometimes the female isn’t happy with either contender, vocalizing her displeasure…

Translation: “No, thanks! Don’t want no scrubs.”

Basically, it’s hard out here for a moose

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