Community Post: A Tribute To Chex Quest: The Greatest Cereal-Based Game Of All Time

1. It’s a Saturday morning in 1996. You sleep late and then get up to eat breakfast. Your choice: Chex!

2. You start pouring out the cereal but then this CD lands in your bowl.

And 50 free hours of America Online? HOLY SHIT.

3. You run over to your computer and pop the CD in. Wait for it, wait for it…

4. EPIC loading screen!

5. The opening cinematic is pretty amazing too. It’s the Citizen Kane of cereal-box game cutscenes.

So, the plot is that aliens (Flemoids) from another dimension are subsisting off of magic breakfast nutrients on this one colony. The nutrients make these microscopic beings into big, threatening slimeball things. It’s up to YOU to rescue the colonists and stop the Flemoids or else the breakfast universe—one where people are made of donuts, Kix, Cheerios and, of course, Chex—will perish.

6. Let’s look at some screenshots and reminisce about a simpler time…

7. A time when running out of ammo meant using a spoon, a time when great works of art were mocked in a video game that was just a clever advertising vehicle.

14. But, eventually, the Chex Quest fun came to an end. You saved the stranded colonists and defeated the evil flemoids!

15. But, uh-oh, CLIFFHANGER!

The URL leads back to the regular Chex website. I checked.

16. Yes, Chex would eventually make a sequel, but it didn’t never captured the magic of the original.

Few understand the magic the original Chex Quest had. The generation that grew up before us never had a calling to play video games and therefore are incapable of understanding it. The generation growing up after us has branded content on iPads and other tables. Games like Chex Quest are bizarre and hokey to them. Ultimately, Chex Quest will likely fall into obscurity. I can only hope that this one post delayed that terrible fate.

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