Community Post: A Surprise Proposal – Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Every year, the National Comedy Theatre presents a special Valentine’s Day performance.

In the show, one audience member can “sue” their significant other for a trivial reason. The comedians play the legal team, the audience votes as the jury.
Once in a while though, a truly unforgettable moment of magic can happen amidst the zaniness, the craziness, and the laughter. And one of those happened this past Friday, February 14th.

Enter Chris Rossio and his girlfriend of 4 years, Erica Tobin. Chris and Erica had actually had their first date at the theater. Chris was now “suing” Erica for being, as he called it, “too clean.” After a hard-fought trial (the legal team is played by the comedians), the jury (the audience in attendance) was asked to vote in favor of the prosecution or the defense through applause. The crowd overwhelmingly favored Erica.

The long-standing tradition is for the losing party to kneel and beg forgiveness from their significant other. That put Rossio in prime position to pull off this lovely surprise moment of true love. I’ll let the video (and Erica’s awesome reaction) do the rest:

NCT Valentine’s Day Surprise Proposal

And oh, what a surprise it was.
(Added bonus: Erica’s family surprised her right after, because they were in the back row of the theater!) Check out the longer montage of the night here:

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