Community Post: 9 Pieces Of Advice That Will Make You A Better Cook

If you love to cook, you know it’s not as easy as throwing something into the oven and hoping it’s not frozen when it comes out.

What you eat matters and you always want to become better. So, here are the top 9 pieces of advice you’ll hear from any chef in the kitchen.

9. Learn to make your own stocks. It’s so simple and will teach you a lot about building flavors.

But actually, you take water and vegetables and you’re halfway to soup.

8. Always scrape the bowl.

It’s important to incorporate every ingredient the recipe calls for.

After you scrape the bowl, your friends can fight it out for the extra batter.

7. Keep your knives sharp.

Your food will be prettier. Your fingers will be safer.

6. Practice emulsions so you can enhance your food with anything from a vinaigrette to a hollandaise.

Learn to make an aioli with a mortar and pestle?


Over-under on this being the thing you will hear the most in culinary school?

4. Mise en Place: Get it together before you start cooking.

3. Do not be afraid of heat.

Whether it’s a hot pan or a hot oven, heat brings you amazing texture and flavor!

2. Read a recipe all the way through. Really.

And the #1 thing that will make you a better cook…

1. Taste your food every step of the way.

Take this advice and you’re sure to get rave reviews.

And if all else fails, a little liquid courage never hurts.

More cooking tips and tricks from some of today’s top chefs here.

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