Community Post: 8 Reasons Why Lunafly Should Be Your New Favorite K-Pop Group

8. They Have Great Original Songs

With songs like “Yeowooya” and “Fly to Love,” they show great range, and listeners can hear how talented they are during live performances. Sam, Teo, and Yun stand out in an idol-saturated industry, and they should have more recognition.

7. They Do Great Covers

Lunafly releases covers on their official YouTube channel on Mondays. From Maroon 5 to Rihanna, they take well-known songs and create something magical. Plus, Sam is a pretty cute cowboy in the video for their cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” 😉

6. They Truly Perform Live / Via GuruPop

Many K-pop groups lip-sync when they perform. Not Lunafly. During Lunafly Shoot on Super K-Pop, they’ll sing a few live songs which showcase how talented they actually are.

5. Lukies are Amazing

Lunafly fans, affectionately known as Lukies, are pretty incredible people. For Lunafly’s first anniversary (September 27, 2013), Lukies have been working toward raising funds for Hospitals Beyond Borders to give to Lunafly as a gift during a show in Malaysia in October. Go big or go home, right?

4. They Go the Extra Mile / Via Facebook, Lunafly Tunisian Lukies

On October 4, 2013, Lunafly visited Sejong General Hospital in Bucheon to meet with and perform for patients.

The feels…

3. Sam Carter Hosts a Radio Show / Via Arirang

Sam, who is delightfully British with an amazingly soothing voice, hosts a program on Arirang Radio called Super Kpop. There he plays host to different Kpop artists and indie groups for interviews; holds fun discussions with Punita Bajaj; and has Lunafly Shoot on Mondays, which is probably the most fun anyone could ever have on a Monday. Ever.

2. Lunafly Shoot is Entertaining

Via Arirang, Super K-Pop

They share their songs, perform their covers, and engage in Tom Foolery in ways that will have listeners grinning ear-to-ear while laughing to the point of near-choking. Teo, Sam, and Yun show how humble and relatable they are to where it feels like listeners invited friends over for drinks instead of listening to unreachable celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to have these three over, especially once their infectious laughter and humor kick in?

(Go to 1:00:15)

1. Their Connection to Fans

Lunafly Shoot and Super K-Pop offer Lukies and K-Pop fans alike an opportunity to connect with Sam, Teo, and Yun. The show and segment allow fans to write questions to the group. Along with this, fans can share their personal stories through “I Am a Journalist,” post messages directly to Sam, and he takes the time to speak directly to those who comment.

Celebrating your birthday? They might sing “Happy Birthday” to you.

Having a bad day? Sam may share some words of encouragement.

The fan connection makes Lunafly the best and provides the reason for them becoming a number one favorite.

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