Community Post: 8 Reasons Why Leading Someone On Could Be A Bad Idea

1. It’s A Waste Of Money

Because $1 is about all you’ll have left after all those Redbox rentals and Chinese take outs… if you’re even that classy…

2. They Could Be Crazy

Because who wouldn’t want their future relationships ruined by a crazy “ex-whatever that was”…

3. You Could Be Jealous For “No” Apparent Reason

Because sure, you don’t really care about what happens in the end.. but it’s still not fun to share!

4. You Could Get Sucked In

Because sometimes the “vict-e” actually falls in love with the preplanned “victim”… now the tables are turned, sucka! Muahahahaha.

5. No REALLY! You Could Get Sucked In

Because sometimes a little flirting leads to…”Oops.. uhh surprise!”.

6. Things Could Get Awkward

Because everyone’s been publicly rejected…. at least once… right?

7. Feelings Could Get Hurt

Because feelings are messy… and ain’t nobody got time for that!

8. Your Ego Could Reach Destructive Proportions

Because do I need to say it? Nobody likes a Kanye.

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