Community Post: 5 Cat Food Commericals That Might Not Be About Cat Food

1. Cheese Platter or Cat Food?

Not sure if this is a commercial for fancy cheeses to serve up on your next “girls day out!” or for your cat.

2. Microwave Brownie Mix or Cat Food?

Usually brownie mix or chocolate commercials show single ladies dancing around alone in their house to show they can have it all. Halfway through I thought this was for a sound system. But nope. Cat food.

3. Engagement Ring or Cat Food?

Come on. You totally thought the kitten was going to scream “HE WENT TO JARED’S!” in the last 10 seconds.

4. Weight Watchers or Cat Food?

I think seeing a cat man in a commercial is a first for me. This is part of a series for cat diet food featuring the same dude engaged in weight loss antics… except he’s fat shaming his cat.

5. CSI Episode or Cat Food?

Yes, this spot is obviously about cat food… but it was too WTF to pass over. Seriously, wtf is going on?

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