Community Post: 21 Newest-Ish Songs On My iPod – November Edition

1. Mowgli’s “Say It, Just Say It”

This is is a hot mess of like 5 different genres. Chord changes, vocal changes, just a fun fun song.

BEST LINE: Just kiss me to shut me up.

2. Serebro “Mi Mi Mi” let’s take 3 Italian models and put them into skimpy clothes, in water, dancing, to stupid lyrics…


3. Daughtry “Waiting For Superman”

He’s baaaaaack. And what a great song to come back with!!

4. Linkin Park & Steve Aoki “A Light That Never Comes”

Okay EDCers….this is a mind-blown mash-up. This is one of the most awesome mix…and sorry Jay Z…this is better than “Numb/Encore”

5. Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroger “Let Me Go”

I usually don’t like married couples singing together unless you are Sonny & Cher or Faith & Tim….Avril & Chad have a long way to go….

6. Faber Drive & Ish “Candy Store”

I love Canadians!!!

7. Afrojack “The Spark”

Another EDC song that is just prime for pop radio!!!

8. Mike Will Made-It, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, & Juicy J “23”

Now you get Miley on an actual rap song.

Her lyrics include: “I’m naughty by nature cuz I’m hip hop hooray”

9. Camryn “LoveSick”

This poor talented girl needs a break. This is not her first single for pop radio…but it maybe her first top 40 hit, if people get into it.

10. Jake Miller “Collide”

And I know a different Jake Miller…he looks nothing like this Jake Miller…

11. Lupe Fiasco & Ed Sheeran “Old School Love”

Yes!!!! Battle of awesome voices playing out. I love this more than “Battle Scars”.

12. Emblem3 “3000 Miles”

I still think these guys are douchebags. I still think they shouldn’t have gone that far on “The X Factor”. The only plus..this song is better than that crap “Chloe” from earlier this year…

13. Flo Rida “How I Feel”

Does this dude ever take a break?? At least he’s not singing about butts…well…hmmm…

14. Calvin Harris & Ayah Marar “Thinking About You”

This song is putting the country of Jordan on the map. Arab girls are pissed. They don’t ALL look like that.

15. Lady Gaga & R. Kelly – Do What U Want

Umm…. ——dead——

This better be somehow mixed into the next “Trapped In The Closet” set of episodes.

16. One Direction “Story Of My Life”

You may not how big this group is..but man, the hit machine in the UK has another big ht on their hands..

17. Enrique Iglesias “Heart Attack”

Can this dude ever not look good??? I hate him…but oddly love him. #soconfused

18. Eminem & Rihanna “The Monster”

Alright. This new Eminem album is incredible. Getting back with his “Love The Way You Lie” collaborator, Rihanna, they’ve managed to create an INCREDIBLE song. I’m impressed. Bravo!

19. Katy Perry “Unconditionally”

Katy recently stated this was her favorite song from the album “Prism”. This video, when it comes out, will probably be amazing because of that.

20. Pitbull & Ke$ha “Timber”

Yikes. Two hot messes on one song. And it’s infectious. NOOOO…I don’t want to like it..but I do….DAMN!

21. Jesse McCartney “Back Together”

I will always support my “All My Children” family. The Emmy-nominated actor who played JR Chandler (during the drug use storyline) is back on the music scene with a fun upbeat pop song.

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