Community Post: 21 Absolutely Bonkers Soccer GIFs

1. ZZ Top

That’s French superstar Zinedine Zidane absolutely destroying Pavel Nedvěd with an Allen Iverson like cross-over.

2. Wayneing Goals

Wayne Rooney executes a perfect bicycle kick against Manchester City.

3. Bend It Like Cavani

Edinson Cavani out bends Beckham on this curveball of a free kick.

4. Cowie in Terror

UNC Player Indi Cowie juggling the hell out of a ball.

5. Click the Heels

Lionel Messi passes it off like he was channeling the spirit of Steve Nash.

6. Going Ahead

Abby Wambach smashes in a header off of a wicked cross.

7. Messi Cleans Up

Messi showing off again. This whole thing could just be Messi, but I’ll refrain.

8. No Goals Allowed

This Arsenal FC player (Abou Diaby possibly) pulls off the rare defensive bicycle kick to perfection.

9. Get Off My Back

Christiano Ronaldo gets something off his back that’s been bothering him for a while.

10. Even When Solo You’ve Got Hope

American Hope Solo saves a penalty kick.

11. Do The Two Step? More Like 29 Step!

Ronaldo showing off the moves he just learned at a Samba class.

12. All The Dribbles

Thierry Henry does all the dribbles all the time.

13. What A Heel

Alex Morgan with a nasty backheel against the Germans

14. Blue vs Red vs Yellow

Dider Drogba and Frank Lampard combine to give Manchester United the ol’ “one-two”.

15. Laying Down The Hammer

Mia Hamm utterly fools this goalkeeper who never had a chance.

16. If At First You Don’t Succed Try Again

That’s Fernando Torres with the fancy passing moves.

17. STOP! Hammer Time.

Heath Pearce hits em with the old Shake and Bake crossover

18. You’ll Leroux The Day

Sydney Leroux demolishes the ball and shreds the defense on this goal.

19. Biking Around the World

Zlatan Ibrahimovic throws down a 30 meter bicycle kick for the goal. Insane. Higher-quality gif here

20. Passing Time

Henrik Mkhitaryan with the bomb in the back of net.

21. Neymar Says NOPE

Neymar confounds two hapless defenders.

And of course, Shakira singing the Official Song of the 2010 World Cup.

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