Community Post: 20 Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Were On “Smallville”

1. Lizzy Caplan

The CW / Via

Caplan played Tina Greer on 2 episodes. She used to hang around Lana all the time and Lana would be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” And then she went crazy.

You probably know her from…

Paramount Pictures / Via

MEAN GIRLS! She’s also in a bunch of other movies and is starring in a new show on Showtime.

2. Jesse Metcalfe

The CW / Via

Metcalfe played Van McNulty. His father was actually killed by Lizzy Caplan’s character… #awkward

You probably know him from…

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE! Among other things such as Dallas, Desperate Housewives, etc.

3. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

The CW / Via

JTT played a metahuman who could split himself into two. He used this awesome ability to date both Chloe and Lana at the same time. #baller

You probably know him from…

Touchstone Television / Via

HOME IMPROVEMENT. Along with being a 90’s heart throb <3

4. Brian Austin Green

Jack Rowand / © Warner Brothers Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

B.A.G. played Metallo. He was a Daily Planet reporter that was experimented on by Zod and now has a kryptonite heart. Yikes.

You probably know him from…


BEVERLY HILLS 90210. He’s also Mr. Megan Fox.

5. Tori Spelling

Spelling played a gossip columnist who always had the inside scoop… because she could transform into water and eavesdrop on conversations.

You probably know her from…

Fox / Via


6. Evangeline Lilly

The CW / Via

Lilly played Wade’s girlfriend (pretty much an extra). Not even sure if she was credited in the episodes…

You probably know her from…

ABC / Via


7. Lucas Grabeel

Grabeel played Superboy! There was no singing and dancing involved…

You DEFINITELY know him from…

Disney / Via


8. Alan Ritchson

Michael Courtney/The CW

Ritchson played Aquaman in several episodes.

You’re about to know him from…

Lionsgate / Via

CATCHING FIRE. He will be playing Gloss, the tribute from District one in the new Hunger Games movie.

9. Ian Somerhalder

The CW / Via

Somerhalder played Adam Knight (an obvious ode to Batman) on several episodes. He was dating Lana until she started uncovering his secrets such as him spying on Clark… him working with the Luthors… oh, and him being DEAD.

You probably know him from…

The CW


10. Paul Wesley

Kimberly French/The WB / Via

Wesley played Lucas Luthor — Lex’s half brother and Lionel’s illegitimate son.

You probably know him from…

The CW / Via


11. Jane Seymour

David Gray / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Seymour played Genevieve Teague, mother of Jason (who dated Lana after meeting in Paris) and member of Veritas.

You probably know her from…

New Line Cinema

WEDDING CRASHERS. (Yes, I chose this as opposed to the TV show she starred in 1993-1998, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She was also in an episode of How I Met Your Mother.)

12. Miranda Cosgrove

No, you are not crazy. That is NOT Miranda Cosgrove. However, she did provide the voice! She was the voice Lana Lang, age 5, in the pilot.

You probably know her from…



13. Amy Adams

Adams played Jodi Melville. She was obsessed with becoming skinny and her meteor power gave her a super fast metabolism.

You probably know her from…

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

EVERYTHING. The list goes on and on but some of my favorites are Enchanted, Catch Me If You Can, The Master, Man of Steel, The Fighter, The Muppets, etc.

14. Adam Brody

The CW

Brody played Justin Gaines, a cartoonist who was hit by a car and lost the ability of his hand. The meteor shower gave him the power of telekinesis and he used it to woo Chloe and murder Principal Kwan.

You probably know him from…


15. Carrie Fisher

The WB / Via

Fisher played Pauline Kahn, former Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet (and who gave Chloe a job!).

You BETTER know her from…

1977 Lucasfilm Lrd./Courtesy Everett Collection


16. Christina Milian

The CW / Via

Milian played a movie star that was filming a movie in Smallville. Obviously, Clark saved her life.

You probably know her from…

THE RADIO. Milian is a singer who became famous in 2001. She is now a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and was the Social Media Correspondent for the Voice.

17. Eva Marcille

Marcille (formerly Pigford) participated in a beauty pageant against Kara (aka Supergirl). She was not happy about the competition…

You probably know her from…

The CW / Via

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. She won season 3!

18. Bow Wow

The CW / Via

Bow Wow played Baern, an escapee from the Phantom Zone!

You probably remember him as…

Columbia / Via


19. Chris Carmack

Carmack played a Met U football player trying to recruit Clark to attend college there and join the team. He was also a meteor freak.

You probably know him from…

ABC / Via

NASHVILLE (which he is awesome in).

20. Lee Thompson Young

The CW / Via

Young played Cyborg, member of the Justice League.

You probably know him from…


RIZZOLI AND ISLES. You may also recognize him from the Famous Jet Jackson. At the young age of 29, Young tragically took his own life. May he rest in peace!

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