Community Post: 15 Sports Fans You Will Meet In College

1. 1. The Screamer

You sometimes have no idea what they’re saying, but the team can TOTALLY hear him.

2. 2. The Frontrunner

He somehow attends Alabama during fall semester and Duke in the spring. He may even own a LeBron Yankees jersey with a Cowboys logo on it.

3. 3. The Jersey Chaser

The second your school’s starting quarterback enters the party, you know your chances are done.

4. 4. The Athlete

He loves the sport he plays and you know it because it’s the ONLY thing he talks about.

5. 5. The “One Of The Guys”

Not only will she tell you why your team sucks, she’ll let you know what’s wrong with your outfit.

6. 6. The Fashionista

What they wear to the game is the most important thing.

7. 7. THAT guy

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

8. 8. The Creepy Uncle Super Fan


9. 9. The Coach

He has all the answers somewhere in his post-game Twitter rant.

10. 10. The Cryer

There are starving kids in Africa and Americans struggling to find employment, but losing a basketball game is really the worst thing in the world.

11. 11. The Eternal Optimist

Next year is always “our year.”

…And for every optimist, there is…

12. 12. The Pessimist

Like a parent with unrealistic expectations, nothing his team does will ever be good enough.

13. 13. The Painter

There is no way that can be good for your T-zone

14. 14. The Mascot

This could very well be that quiet kid in the back of the classroom.


This is your angry roommate and the reason you’re not getting that security deposit back.

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