Community Post: 14 Reasons You Should Stop Saying “FML”

1. 1. You must have access to Internet if you’re reading this. Five billion people on this planet don’t.

2. 2. You also probably have a laptop, cell phone, or some other kind of computer. About 6.1 billion people on this planet don’t.

3. 3. In order to use these devices, you probably have eyes, which means you can see things like this:

4. 4. And this:

5. 5. Puppies exist.

6. 6. Traffic jams don’t suck. They’re simply an opportunity to sing along to the radio louder than you ever have before.

7. 7. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other broke your heart? Perfect, now you’re free to give your love to someone else who needs and appreciates it.

8. 8. You woke up this morning. You reserve the right to Carpe Diem the ish out of today.

9. 9. You could buy a donut, if you wanted to.

10. 10. Toilet paper was invented, and now things like this can happen.

11. 11. You are not Grumpy Cat, and you do not reserve the right to see the bad in everything.

12. 12. One in six Americans face hunger everyday, and you’ve probably done this:

13. 13. Your biggest problem today might’ve been the cup of coffee you didn’t get to have. Take three minutes to explain how that’s a significant issue. Then, re-evaluate your life.

14. 14. Also, you’re the youngest you’re ever going to be right now, and that’s more than enough reason to make your day the best one ever.

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