Community Post: 13 Reasons Why Australia Is The Daggiest Country

1. 1. We think that thongs (flip-flops for those outside Oz) and Ugg Boots are appropriate footwear to wear out on social occasions.


2. 2. Australians made the budgie-smuggler famous (and have been embarrassed at our Dads wearing them ever since).


3. 3. Dagwood Dogs and Chiko Rolls, despite their unknown origins (and contents) are beloved by all

Image courtesy of: robstephaustralia

4. 4. We proudly wear a mullet and understand its dual role (business up top, party at the back). Young Aussies are also proud of their Trullets (trendy mullets).

Image courtesy of: heyjohngreen

5. 5. Most Aussies would have an opinion on which is the better car manufacturer: Holden or Ford.

Image courtesy of: Hugo90

6. 6. Plates are an unnecessary invention for Australians- a piece of white bread at a BBQ is all we need

Image courtesy of Phil_Parker

7. 7. We eat our national emblem. And for those that don’t know, kangaroo is delicious.

Image courtesy of: caesararum

8. 8. Though there is no official national dress, thongs and singlets are seen as socially acceptable.

Patrick Brammall as Sean Moody. Image supplied

9. 9. An annual horse race literally does stop the entire nation

The Melbourne Cup. Image courtesy of:

10. 10. We are obsessed, whether we like it or not, with a yeast based black spread

Image courtesy of: mrpattersonsir

11. 11. Australians have an inflated sense of pride over national dishes, including a stale sponge covered in chocolate and coconut. Don’t knock it.

Image supplied

12. 12. Everything in Australia gets shortened. Damien becomes Damo, Bhavana becomes Baz, Isabel becomes Izz and Thanik becomes Tank. Even the country becomes Oz.

Image courtesy of: Sam Howzit

13. 13. No matter what it is, everything we’re proud of goes straight to the pool room.

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