Community Post: 10 Things That Show You Went To A Christian University

10. You need to show your holiness

Without taking into consideration that it isn’t about holiness, but serving.

9. You speak fluent Christian-ese

Lets just get real, okay?

8. You can face hard times with a big smile.

Because Charlie Chaplin is right about some things.

7. Getting married is a goal

Yes, even the dudes go after this.

So much so there are videos about it.

Seriously. It is that important to us.

6. You knew people or were in the “party” major

It differs by whatever Christian university.

This is the reaction that the rest of the school has.

5. You were on one side of the Christian school kids v. Public school kids in class.

4. You like heavy talks.


3. Disney movies are standard viewing

2. Some employers may give you this look

Unless you’re from TCU or Baylor.

1. You’ve worked a lot on issues of faith in the real world

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