Community Post: 10 Examples Of The Doctor Being Bad Ass

1. The Doctor scares off the Atraxi

This was one of the moments I fell in love with the Eleventh Doctor! After giving Prisoner Zero to the Atraxi, the Doctor then calls them back to Earth, (on a mobile phone, he rings up the alien ship with a mobile. So casual! Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate how cool that is…) meets them on the roof of the building, just for the sake of smack-talking them:

2. The Doctor takes control of snotty Titanic passengers

Personally I hate having to dance around social situations, minding everybody’s feelings when it’s just faster to tell everyone what’s what. Such a relief when the Tenth Doctor whips out his credentials in this scene:

3. The Doctor sh*ts up an entire fleet of Daleks

The situation seems hopeless, the Ninth Doctor’s companion has been captured, Daleks are EVERYWHERE. The Doctor has no plan, but boy can deliver one hell of a speech!

4. The fury of a Timelord

Human Nature and The Family of Blood episodes start off with Martha and The Doctor running. The audience is led to believe they are running from a really powerful enemy that left the Doctor no choice but to go into hiding. He becomes human for the two-parter and it’s only revealed at the very end that he only ran to show the Family mercy. He originally planned to let them live out their lives but since they kept pursuing him, he decided to deal with them in some pretty cruelly if you ask me. The two episodes do a very good job at contrasting a very human Doctor and the cold Timelord he is.

5. “Remember every black day I ever stopped you”

The speech starts of like a Christie’s auction for the Pandorica, except with aliens whizzing about above Stonehenge. The Doctor grabs their attention by yelling down the microphone that He Is Talking! He then sends everybody flying home with this awesome speech:

6. It upsets The Doctor when you suck off Rose Tyler’s face, try not to do that.

What I love about this scene is you can see the Doctor’s heart breaking before he gets angry…really angry, and you know he’s not lying when he says “there is no power on this earth that can stop me”:

7. “Amelia Pond! Get Your Coat!”

The Doctor disguises himself as a Headless Monk and tells an entire army to point a gun at him if it makes them feel better…At which point, everybody raises their arms but the Doctor sniggers and shouts out the best words a captive companion would want to hear!

8. The Doctor finally wakes up to save the day

When the Ninth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth, he’s passed out for most of the episode. During this time Earth is invaded by the Sycorax and the Prime Minister and Roses’ negotiations just seemed to make the situation worse.

As the Sycorax are about to kill everyone on board (but not before mocking the human race), the Tardis doors open to reveal the Doctor, newly regenerated and back to fighting form! And what an entrance it was! He snatches the whip off the leader of the Sycorax, snaps his staff in half (probably some phallic symbolism in there somewhere) and tells them to wait there as he’s busy talking to his companions!

9. The Tardis defeats House

Ok so this isn’t, strictly speaking, the Doctor being bad ass. But as the TARDIS and the Doctor are such a close team, it deserves a mention! So in the Doctor’s Wife, we see what the TARDIS in human form, but she’s weak. Still, after much materialising and trickery, the Doctor gets the team back into the TARDIS control room and showing no sign of mercy, instructs the TARDIS to “Finish him off girl!”

10. The Doctor basically becomes a god

Some watching this scene may think it’s cheesy but in the context of a brutal series where the Master cannibalises the TARDIS to create a paradox machine, takes over earth, tortures Captain Jack, turns the Doctor into Golem and locks him in a cage like a pet bird, all seems very bleak.

That’s up until Martha returns and reports on her quest after her narrow escape. The mechanics of how the Doctor comes back is explained in the clip but what I love about it is the line “Tell me the human race is degenerate now when they can do this!”; ‘this’ meaning granting the Doctor insane godlike powers like floating, aura, immunity to sonic lasers, force pulling objects and making the Master cower in the corner.

Will John Hurt’s Warrior Doctor make these guys look like mere pansies? And I’m expecting much bad-assery from Peter Capaldi’s Doctor!

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