College Coach Hits A Half Court Shot, Wins Free Tuition For A Student

Canada’s Brandon University has a promotion where a student can take a half-court shot at Friday home games to win free tuition for the semester. But this season, no one was able to win it, so for the final home game of the season last Friday, a student could choose anyone in the building to shoot for him. Mason Kaluzniak chose BU’s basketball coach Gil Cheung.

2. Cheung took the charge seriously and made sure to thoroughly prepare.

3. No for real. This guy got loose.

4. And then…


6. Everyone was so excited for Cheung that they actually ran right past the kid who got free tuition.

7. Don’t worry. Someone hugged him finally.

8. And then Cheung and Kaluzniak gave us the cathartic embrace the moment deserved.

9. Watch the video here:

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