Citizen journalist asks Sheila Jackson Lee, Jan Schakowsky if they condemn Bill Maher’s misogyny, gets nothing

Predictably, Jackson Lee and Schakowsky were among the most vocal critics of Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slutgate’ comments. Here they are, refusing to speak out against Bill Maher’s library of vile misogyny. Caution for salty language:

Ace wouldn’t characterize Maher’s comments as misogynistic.

Jackson Lee, Schakowsky Refuse To Condemn Bill Maher

— CO2HOG™ (@CO2HOG) March 8, 2012

anyone sent the Jackson-Lee/Schakowsky video to @jaketapper yet?

— Greg (@FoolishReporter) March 7, 2012!/karenwalker10/status/180366811190140928

[Referencing interview Tapper gave to Sandra Fluke that many saw as ‘softball’]


RT @RBPundit: A couple days ago it was Sheila Jackson-Lee and Jan Schakowsky… today? Nancy Pelosi #tcot #p2

— Michelle Lancaster (@SkiGarmisch) March 9, 2012

#Obama refuses to condemn #BillMaher for his sexually insulting jokes about women in the GOP.

— Sherman Williams (@bigshermperm) March 8, 2012

Chuck Schumer won't condemn Bill Maher: However, a Schumer spokesman e-mailed POLITICO to make clear that the se…

— Denise Taylor (@dentay85) March 11, 2012

I like this guy, Brent Bozell on @seanhannity. Pure Hypocrisy from the left. You can't condemn Rush if you won't condemn Bill Maher.

— Jovial Life (@TheJovialLife) March 16, 2012

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